!T.O.O.H.! date back to the year 1990, when brothers Josef and Jan Vesely with their friends founded the band Devastator. Devastator had several concerts in Prague clubs in 1991 and had recorded an unofficial demo called "Rozklad"("The Decay"), which was never distributed. The music was primitive grindcore with vulgar but social/critical lyrics a´la Napalm Death. The age average of the band was just 15.

The years 1992 and 1992 were the years of total decline of the band. There was much more interest in drinking booze and smoking hemp than playing in the rehearsal room. The colleagues showed no signs of musical betterment, thus the brothers played more or less by themselves.

At the end of 1993 they changed the name of the band from Devastator to !T.O.O.H.! (The Obliteration of Humanity) and Josef moved away to the countryside to Kánín village to the cottage of their parents where the new rehearsal room grew up. Brothers were playing still as a duo and in October 1995 recorded (during only one day in the studio) 16-songs demo "Vy kusy mrdacího masa"("You pieces of fucking flesh"). The music on this album is still intensive grindcore, but originally conceived. Lyrics were violent and negativistic and sounded very cynical. However it was pretty good black humour. The only flaw was that the bass had been missing.

Soon after releasing the album brothers hid themselves in pseudonyms Humanoid and Schizoid.

A new member came into the band – Petr Slavícek. He was playing bass in !T.O.O.H.! and got the pseudonym Android. In April 1997 the trio recorded the second demo "Sen to není, nesmí" ("It’s not, can’t be a dream") which was the first professional record of the band and contained 6 songs in a grind/death style. This album was distributed abroad (with English booklet and the title "It’s not, can’t be a dream"). Responses to this album were very good.

At the beginning of 1998 Android was kicked out (because of his feeble dedication) and thus !T.O.O.H! stopped playing live.

In October 1999 Humanoid and Schizoid went to the studio and recorded 10-songs debut CD "Z vyssi vule" ("From Higher Will"), which was released one year later and financed by themselves. Music on "From Higher Will" can be characterized as Psychopathic Grind/Death with a disturbing atmosphere. For the first time guitarist Humanoid presented himself as a vocalist, whose scream became another characteristic feature of the band (on demo-cassettes the vocalist was drummer Schizoid).

!T.O.O.H.! began to play live again as a duo with bass recorded on the CD. Responses to the debut CD were positive but the band couldn’t afford proper promotion and thus the CD was essentially unknown.

One year after releasing the record !T.O.O.H.! were offered a deal by new Czech labels Snuff prod. and Plazzma to record the second album. The brothers began to compose immediately after recording of the first album. In November 2002 Humanoid and Schizoid went to the recording studio Hacienda and recorded "Pod vládou bice" ("Under the Reign of the Whip") which was released in summer 2003. In the 10 new songs !T.O.O.H.! developed their originality. The album could be characterized as a Unique Grind/Death with Parasitic elements.

Responses to this CD were really excellent. In June 2003 !T.O.O.H.! recorded yet two new songs for prepared split-EP (still unreleased). In February 2004 came into the band the new member – guitarist Wokis and two months later the bass player Freedom.

Soon after the band was contacted by Lee Barrett from Elitist/Earache. At the beginning of July the contract was signed and the third album is going to be recorded in February/March 2005.

The title of the Elitist/Earache debut will be: "Rád a trest" ("Order and Punishment").